This page is a mixture of the different categories that can be found in the menu items above. How well you can see the pictures is dependent upon your monitor and screen resolution. There are a few I can see clearly on my laptop, but not on my desktop monitors. Hope you enjoy.


This one I at first thought was just mist, but look directly above the white thing and there is a large face
of a lady with dark red lipstick. Looks like there is also a man's face right behind hers.
There is also some kind of indescribable shadow thing in front of the white thing.
You can use the Ctrl key in conjunction with the plus sign to zoom in. The lady's face
and another face have been cropped and are below this one.


Here is showing just the lady's face on the left, and another face with the lady's
face in front of it. The 3rd was lightened to better show up on a computer monitor..



This one is cropped and auto contrasted from an ectoplasm picture I have in the ectoplasm part of this web site. Below, it is cropped a little further to show the clear face of one of the men in the apple trees.




Here is original photo (actually 1/4th it's original size) in which there was an orb with the top part
of a boy or man's head in it. It has been cropped out and is below. You can zoom in with Ctrl +




What I found most interesting about this picture is the green orb near to the plant. A cropped and slightly enlarged version of it is below for a better look.
This photo above has been reduced by at least 45%, so the cropped parts have not been enlarged by much.


This first one is unmodified

Auto contrast has been added to this to better show what looks like spokes in the orb.
Also, the lightening with auto contrast better shows what might be another thing in the corner of the cattery on the upper-left side of the plant that covers partly the wood part and the fence part.



Cat inside orb       Cat inside orb with autocontrast
First one has no modification. The second one is with auto contrast. This was on the kitchen wall.
Many cats have lived and died here, so it would be no surprise to have cat spirits around.


Cat orb hiding in tree             Cat orb hiding in tree with autocontrast
                        Cat orb (or spirit) hiding in tree. Again, first one is unmodified, second one is with auto contrast.



Large blue camaflouge orb and star orb
Large bluish camouflaged orb over edge of roof and an orb with tentacles (or limbs).

Taken different day than previous picture.


Thing looking downward from the sky
            Thing looking downward from the sky




After taking a picture of my cat, I noticed a large moving orb behind him. It was not until years later, I realized
a clear profile of a boy or a man appearing to be wearing sunglasses is inside of it. It is cropped below.


Clear face in here - a profile of a young man. Strange thing is I had this picture for years and never noticed the face in it until a couple of days ago.
Below is the same picture with auto contrast added to it.




This one is very faint and whether you can see the one on the left is dependent upon
your computer monitor. The one on the right is with auto contrast to brighten it.



This one is only to give you perspective of the whole picture. You probably cannot see much here as it has been shrunken by at least 45% to fit here.
Below are two parts of this picture with explanation of what is being shown. You can hit the Ctrl key in conjunction with the + sign to zoom in.

This is cropped from the picture above it. There are at least two spirit/ghost cats looking
out the door. You can see in the whole picture above this, that there was no cat in
front of the door, therefore, it was not a reflection.


This is cropped and enlarged to show what looks like a small cat orb. It even has faint gray stripes between the ears. This was taken only
two months before one was born in the woods next to our house. It was brought to us at about only 3 or 4 weeks old by railroad workers who
heard it crying in the woods. We think foxes ate his mother and siblings. We still have this kitten and it is white with gray tiger-striped pattern.
Looks much like this spirit apparition/orb here.


Here is our cutie on my lap the day he was brought to us. Notice how he has gray stripes on his head.





Cat apparition        
Possible cat apparition. Below is the same, but cropped less for perspective. It's going through the fence and has a branch in front of it.
It would not be sunlight as this was the east side of the house and it was late afternoon just shortly before dusk.





This is the top part of a photo to better show the white mist and white powdery looking droppings coming from it.










I have no idea what this orange blob over the file cabinet was.

Here it is lightened a bit to better show how it is coming from the other side of the fence. Notice how it is BEHIND the wood showing that it's coming from outside. There were also a lot of fog orbs in this picture.


Another blob of light. Have no idea what this is.






Below this one is the bottom part of this one cropped to show what looks like a sad or frightened face wrapped in the ecto




This one you could hardly see because it's a large faint something reddish-orange, but it's blue eyes gave it away.



Orb with it's tongue sticking out. This is a bit blurry because it was far back in the original photo.



Orbs creating an arc, plus some outside the arc



Wrapped around the tree















Notice how it's totally behind and above the corner of the roof and not in front of it. This shows it's not directly in front of my camera or my breath.



This one of some tailed creature in the tree (in the daytime) probably depends on your screen resolution to be able to see it.



This is from older camera. Orbs formed a circle in front of the window.


Modified by lightening



Below this are what looks like two gray faces cropped out and enlarged















Top one is to give you perspective of where it was in the room. Bottom one is the orb cropped and enlarged to show what looks like a profile inside of it and a hair line.



The following three were taken in succession with my older lower resolution camera. These pictures were reduced in size and are only to show perspective of positions. The blue orbs in each one was cropped and enlarged and will be below the original photos in unmodified form and in auto contrast The top row is unmodified and the bottom is auto contrasted


Larger orb with a tail of smaller orbs





Possibly the spirit of one of our geese. Two were killed by a fox shortly before this picture was taken.



Perhaps a but, bug it's shape does not look like one.



Long tailed orb







with auto contrast



Two figures in window of room we never go in. There is a large cloth decorative butterfly hanging in the window. The more reddish figure seems to have it's head in front of the upper wing.




Something bright that does not look like a bug -- no wings or legs showing.





Looks like there's something inside this orb, but can't quite make it out.




Apparition of a dog or a baby cow. Below is a cropped and enlarged version of whatever that is that is hiding in the weeds.


Cropped from picture above. A little auto contrast added for enhancement.