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My Cat's Visits

My cat and I were so close that I could not imagine us being separated. I don't think he could either at the time. We had to have him euthanized a couple of weeks after his 14th birthday because of him having a fast growing tumor in his stomach. After his death, I felt him with me a few times and even saw a flash of white light next to me while sitting on the couch. When I stood near his body and told him to please leave his body because he will be buried soon, I saw his spirit stand next to me as if to assure me he is already freed and is still here.

Below, are pictures of orbs and shooters which I believe are him and the last picture I have of him on this page is an actual apparitiom of his spirit which he showed me after I asked him to please let me see him in the next picture if he was here. It's been a little past two years now since our parting, and I have not seen any sign of him for over a year. I think he finally moved on and hope he is in a better place and that we meet again.


Pictures of Oscar when he was still alive


This beautiful orb was near
to Oscar's body the day of
or after his death.


This one taken day after Oscar's death. His body was still in the room

This one within a week after. Notice the similarity of color of this shooter with Oscar's Siamese colors.




I suspected after I saw this that it was Oscar wanting to come on my lap like he always did in life.

This one looks much like Oscar in the face. I didn't even notice it in the picture until I noticed the cat I was taking a picture of looking towards this. Notice how there is not enough support on the bottom for an item to stand or lay on the counter. This was taken within two month's of Oscar's death.



Cat orb on the ceiling - not modified.



Cat orb on the ceiling with autocontrast.

Strangely, one night (within a few days after his death) as I stepped outside into the cattery, a bright vertical rectangle dropped down real fast right in front of my face. This prompted me to get my camera. When checking out the pictures in the camera, the amount of activity caught on film was both surprising and amazing.

I don't know if it was my cat, Oscar, or whether it was other entities attracted to the cattery due to his his being between worlds/dimensions.



The one below doesn't resemble him any, but it was within a month after he died.


This was the best gift anyone has ever given me. Oscar showing me himself in a picture right after I asked him to please let me see him if he is here. He showed up at the bottom-right edge of the picture and was hard to see, so I cropped it to make him more noticeable. I can never thank him enough for proving to me that we really do exist after we die.



My Cat         Our Geese         Our Hen

The pictures following this one, I believe to be our goose, Schneidle, who died 3 or 4 days earlier. He came with the house which my husband bought 10 years earlier, so we know that Schneidle was at least 10 years old and felt an attachment to the property.

When he was alive, he would come running to me in hopes of treats whenever he saw me. The ectoplasm pictures could of course, have been another entity pretending to be our goose. The first seven were taken the same evening within a 10 or 15 minute span. I'll put the pictures in the order in which they were taken. Note: The light on my camera flashes 12 times after each picture making me have to wait 12 seconds in between each picture, so rapid continuous shooting is not possible.

First, for perspective of what Schneidle looked like, here he is a year ago with his mate and babies. He is the larger goose closer to the front of the picture.

Schneidle and mate



This one not as clear as the following pictures, but you can almost see what looks like a large beak and en eye closer toward the house.

Below are the 2nd and 3rd picture I got of our goose. In the first one, you can actually see a little orange in the end of the beak. The second picture is him dissipating and was taken about 12 seconds after the first one. This was one of the most spectacular displays I have seen. Looks like our goose fading out. You can still see the beak in the more solid part of this.

Looks like he was trying to reform again. This time not as clearly, but can still see a slight orangy hue on the tip of his bottom beak.

This one I am not sure whether it was still him or another entity with him, as the eyes are in the front of the face.



Two days after the previous pictures, I got what looks like our goose again flying


Resized original above and cropped and enlarged sections of it on the right. Shows what looks like white ectoplasm over red mower grass catcher and on floor behind geese. It's not poo and also notice how the end closet to the live goose goes slightly upwards.



Cropped and brightened a little to bring out what I saw to look like our recently passed goose.

Almost a month after his death, we still see signs of Schneidle's presence. Even his spirit beak is orange, just like when he was alive.



When this one was in actual size, no form was
easily visible. But then I noticed in the thumbnail
of this photo that you can see wings and goose feet.



Three Years Later, Schneidle's son get's eaten by a fox. That same evening, I capture him on camera in spirit form. I think he was still in shock and not totally aware yet that he was no longer alive. It would be no surprise that he would hang close to me in spirit just as he did when he was still alive. One is more clear than the others, but I put them here in the order in which they were taken. All the pictures had to be reduced in size by at least 30%.


Aaron near fence

In this one his beak is faint. You can see him on the upper=left edge of the picture.


A bit closer to me. Can see his head, eye and beak. Beak is more faint.


In this one, you can even see the orange tint of his beak, and what are the orangy blobs at the bottom? Are those his feet?


Our Hen


My Cat         Our Geese         Our Hen


Sadly our very sweet hen got hit by a truck or car one day. Did not learn of this until a couple of days later. I searched for her and used camera flash for light, and saw in picture what looked like a shooter similar in color to her on top of the bird sleeping house. Being hit by a vehicle is a sudden and shocking death. She probably did not realize right away that she was dead. The shooter looks as if it could have been her sitting or standing on top of the hen house as she would have done if she were alive -- jumping onto a higher spot if she cannot get into hen house before dark.

Ms. Hen

Hen's orb

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